Hostile takeover reserved slots

hostile takeover reserved slots

Welcome To Hostile Takeover. [email protected] Login Reserve Your VIP Slot Today! You must sign in through steam in order to. All server slots have been lowered for testing. If anyone has issues with reserved slots, please report them to support in Team Speak. US1, EU1. We add an additional amount of slots for reserved slots. hosting Sa-Matra missions/mods, though, they are a partner with Hostile Takeover.


US Airways Most of the time they should be functioning within 1 to 2 days, but in rare cases it may be a little longer. Hosting a server lust agenten tv a video game is not your job, it's just a hobby. Home Forum About Us Donations Ark: Home How To Become A Hostile Takeover Member. Performance and PC Build questions belong in the weekly questions thread. hostile takeover reserved slots

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