Ap style toward or towards

ap style toward or towards

Toward ” is the spelling preferred in North America. Elsewhere, “ towards ” is preferred. AP Style tip: We use forward and toward, not forwards and towards. @ sammysaiya. AM - 2 Jul 75 Retweets; 61 Likes; Senate Republicans Amanda. If you find yourself writing to an American audience in an American newspaper or magazine, toward is the correct word to use. The AP Stylebook and the.


"To" and "towards" - Confusing English words I need to keep my mouth shut and keep my own counsel, just like. According to the Chicago Best tipster of Stylethe preferred form in American English is toward without the -swhile the preferred British English form is towards with the -s. Hence the words leeward, upward, downward, backward or backwards. It seems as if you insinuate that after disposing of the rules of English, we will still understand each. April 3, Comments Off. Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise.

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